Thursday, January 29, 2009

Powerhouse Demolition and Decommissioning Services Nationwide

R. Baker & Son was chosen by PSE&G to perform the decommissioning and dismantling of four(4) gunite lined steel stacks from top of PSE&G's Glenmont Powerhouse. The 20' diameter, 170' tall stacks sat on top of the 165' high building roof for a total height from the ground of 335'.
Tasks involved cleaning and remediation of over 1000 cy of fly ash from the stack bases and breeching. Material management was critical including segregation of fly ash, gunite and carbon steel for recycling.

Rigging and dismantling procedures involved detailed lift plans, weight calculations, monitoring weather conditions and wind loads, confirming ground stability and a number of other critical factors to guarantee that all lifts were safely performed.

One of the largest obstacles was the type of crane to be utilized due to a confined footprint for which to assemble equipment and which was surrounded by live power lines, cooling towers and new powerhouse which remained on line 24/7.

R. Baker & Son working together with PSE&G engineering and Lomma Crane decided to utilize a M760 ton Favco tower crane erected on top of the powerhouse to be utilized for the lifting and lowering to ground of stack sections. R. Baker & Son erected and installed a base for the Favco tower crane and tied it directly into the building's column lines. A 500 ton hydraulic Demag was utilized to hoist workers in a certified man basket over 350' in the air in order to perform rigging and dismantling activities.

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