Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Something Old Is Something New

It’s an undeniable fact that manufacturing in the United States has significantly decreased over the last decade as foreign competition has increased and many manufacturers have shifted production overseas.  Factories have been shut down, their equipment packed up, sold, and relocated to new sites throughout the U.S. and around the world.  This trend has raised concerns and posed many challenges, but it also offers new opportunities for reuse and rebirth. 
The main concern that arises when a company halts production is the fate of the vacated buildings and the land they occupy.  Some buildings are demolished, while others are to be refurbished for manufacturing or reconfigured into warehouse space.  Others are reincarnated as prime commercial or residential real estate commanding top dollar, such the old Maxwell House factory in Hoboken and the Domino Sugar refinery in Brooklyn, both of which have been converted into luxury apartments. 

Restoration and reconditioning of these old factories often uncovers many interesting architectural and industrial artifacts from an era gone by.  Beneath layers of paint and dirt, hidden in corners or in plain view, items that might have been considered junk in the recent past are increasingly salvaged and reused, or find rebirth as objects of value and beauty.  One good example is the reuse of old materials in the refurbished Philadelphia Navy Shipyard.  

Many manufacturing plants constructed during the mid-20th century utilized materials that have proved to be hazardous over time.  Regardless of whether an old factory is slated to be refurbished or demolished, there are environmental, health and safety issues that must be addressed along the way.  Toxic materials like asbestos, lead paint, PCBs and contaminated soil must be safely contained and removed, and the site restored to code compliance.  

R. Baker & Son has been instrumental in countless relocation, select demolition, remediation and reconditioning projects to the complete satisfaction of our clients.  As a leader in our industry servicing customers throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and Europe, R. Baker & Son should be your first choice for your project.

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