Saturday, August 2, 2014

Complex Enabling Project

Baker was contracted by a customer to perform enabling work for a project involving critical shutdowns, tie-ins, and repairs on HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and sanitary systems.  R. Baker’s portion of the project was to support a schedule of complex tasks in a production facility that could not afford extended down time. 

Because most of the shutdown work was scheduled to be done during weekends, R. Baker & Son’s preparation work, selective demolition and rigging was performed during the week.  Separate teams were designated for each enabling projects.  One project entailed removing ceilings then enclosing the open area with transparent plastic sheeting to enable visual inspection of the area.  This allowed crews to perform selective demolition and other work during weekday nights while facility production was not running.  The temporary ceiling allowed teams to trace, identify, and remove all unnecessary ductwork, wire, piping, etc., and replace them with new systems in preparation for future roof HVAC units. 

Enabling work was also performed on underground systems where piping locations were identified, video cameras were used for internal pipe inspection, flooring was saw cut, and new prefab piping was prepared to drop in the trench to replace the deteriorating and non-functioning existing systems.  The work was performed area by area, system by system, while working closely with users so as not to affect ongoing production. 

To ensure that the enabling work went smoothly, a detailed schedule was assembled showing which shutdowns had to be performed and when to support the overall electrical/mechanical schedules and startups.  Tight scheduling necessitated the development of a Method of Procedure (MOP), a roadmap detailing the sequence of activities, the crews involved, and allotted time for each task over each weekend three-shift-per-day period.  The entire project management team met twice weekly to ensure that all support work would be completed in time for each scheduled shutdown, and that all material and personnel were set in place in accordance with the schedule. 

Complex projects such as this are very challenging, and obstacles and unknowns are to be expected.  R. Baker & Son’s seasoned demolition and rigging team utilized years of experience, out-of-the-box thinking, and a can-do attitude to tackle the job and get the work done to the client’s satisfaction.

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