Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rigging a Piece of American History

April 27, 2016 R. Baker & Son performed the offloading, rigging and hoisting of a Northrop T-38n Talon Supersonic Jet onto the flight deck of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

The striking white jet was a significant tool in training astronauts to react quickly and precisely in varying situations; these meticulous mental experiences were critical practice for the rigors of spaceflight. This particular jet was used as a flight-test chase plane during the crucial approach and landing tests carried out in 1977 by the space shuttle Enterprise, currently on display in the Space Shuttle Pavilion.

Baker performed the task with OSHA (trade specific) trained and certified employees, while making sure all equipment and materials received a thorough inspection before use for safety.  

The project required the use of a 45 Ton Tadano that was fitted with a 14ft. long Modulift Spreader Beam (MOD24) which was basketed with 2 approved slings that were geometrically engineered around and under the fuselage for a safe and level lift of the jet.

The jet was then safely placed on the aircraft carrier elevator, and then raised to the flight deck. Once on the flight deck level the T-38 was towed to its final destination.

R. Baker & Son was honored to be a part of preserving this unique piece of American history.

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