Thursday, April 11, 2013

Skilled Trade Workers in High Demand

The construction industry is showing signs of recovery, but there is some bad news: growth is being held back by a severe labor shortage.  After so many construction jobs were shed when the recession hit, one would think there would be plenty of skilled workers clamoring for the many positions that are currently vacant, but the fact is there are not.  Contractors are struggling to fill jobs, and the situation is only expected to get worse, for a number of reasons.

When the economic downturn occurred, hundreds of thousands of construction workers were laid off. Many found it necessary to change career paths or retire.  To further exacerbate the situation, fewer and fewer high school graduates are pursuing careers in construction.  Parents and school systems overwhelmingly push students to attend four-year colleges and technical schools rather than skilled trade apprenticeships and training programs.  As a result, construction jobs have earned a false and undeserved stigma as a “lowly” pursuit.  And as workers of the baby boom generation continue to retire in high numbers (construction is dominated by workers over the age of 40), there are not enough young workers to fill the vacancies. 

With so many satisfying, challenging, interesting, financially-rewarding construction jobs available and an ever-increasing demand for workers, why do school systems continue to steer students away from skilled trades?  While interest in construction declines and the industry goes begging for workers, the job market is becoming oversaturated with college graduates who have little hope of obtaining a job in their career of choice.  It is time for parents, students, and schools to expand their thinking and recognize the rewards of pursuing a career in the construction industry. 

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services is a premier specialized contractor, and over the last 78 years we have employed hundreds of highly skilled riggers, millwrights, crane operators, heavy equipment operators and demolition workers who would attest to satisfaction in their chosen careers. Apprenticeship programs combine classroom learning and hands-on instruction with on-the-job training at a fraction of the cost of a four year college program.  Many of today’s trades call for high-tech skills and training and demand higher pay.  In today’s job market, a skilled trade career offers increased job security and can be highly fulfilling, both personally and financially. 

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R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) in business since 1935, is a premier specialized contractor operating in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, with over one hundred employees and an exemplary safety record (we have been directly involved in four sites that received VPP OSHA Safety Awards). R. Baker & Son is financially strong, with bonding capabilities over $10 million. Capabilities include industrial and commercial demolition, rigging, machinery- and plant-moving, dismantling, decommissioning, plant and equipment relocation, interior demolition, selective demolition, warehousing, wrecking and razing, millwright, plant reconfigurations, heavy rigging, salvage, environmental services, remediation, decontamination, abatement, and investment and asset recovery.

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