Thursday, February 11, 2010

Looking for Expert Movers of Machinery and Process Equipment?

If you have need of expert riggings services, machinery moving and relocation, process and pharmaceutical equipment relocations, then R. Baker & Son can assist you in your project needs.  R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services has been in business since 1935 providing machinery moving and heavy rigging services throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. We prioritize safety on all our projects as well as schedule and budget.

With our vast experience and our utilization of the latest technologies, equipment and techniques, R. Baker & Son can quickly, seamlessly and safely handle your heavy rigging and machinery moving projects from start to finish.


* Total Plant and Facility Relocation Services
* Rigging Services
* Pharmaceutical and Process Equipment Relocations and Re-Installations
* Rigging and Millwrighting
* Dismantling and Match Marking
* Industrial and Commercial Rigging
* Plant Turnarounds
* Equipment Salvage

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About R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services is the premier specialized contractor in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  The veteran founded company has been in business since 1935, has over 100 employees, an exemplary safety record (We have been directly involved in four (4) sites that received VPP OSHA Safety Awards) and is financially strong (bonding capabilities over $10 Million).  Capabilities include industrial and commercial demolition, riggingmachinery & plant moving, dismantling, decommissioning, plant and equipment relocation, interior demolition, wrecking, selective demolition , demolition contractors in NJ and warehousing.

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services
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