Monday, July 7, 2008

R. Baker & Son Highlights Plant Dismantling Contractor Services

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services (R. Baker & Son) offers complete dismantling contractor services. From a single piece of delicate machinery to an entire manufacturing plant, we can provide complete dismantlement and equipment relocation services including:

Decommissioning of Equipment
Rigging and Match Marking of Items
Plant and Equipment Relocation
Rigging and Match Marking
Plant and Equipment Relocation
Re-installation and Millwright Services
Sales of Obsolete Equipment

R. Baker & Son can perform these dismantlement operations at on-line work sites while seamlessly working in concert with our client's daily operations. To accomplish this, we expertly plan, coordinate and execute each dismantlement project in order to stringently safeguard our clients' assets, our employees, and the environment.

R. Baker & Son has the expertise and resources to effectively conduct industrial and commercial dismantlement and plant relocation projects throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Puerto Rico. We can operate in every state of the US including NJ, PA, DE, MD, RI, MA, OH, etc.

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