Friday, June 6, 2008

Demolition Contractors Services Provided in New Jersey (NJ)

With over 70 years of structural demolition, wrecking and dismantling experience, a highly-skilled and safe workforce, and a comprehensive range of modern equipment, R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services is prepared to perform the demolition of one structure or an entire facility. We operate throughout the State of New Jersey as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

Our industrial and commercial demolition services include:

Total Plant and Facility Demolition and Wrecking
Selective Demolition and Dismantlement
Concrete or Steel Silo Demolition
Foundation, Slab and Footing Removal
Water Tower, Radio Tower Dismantlement
Nuclear Plant Decommissioning and Demolition
Technical and Standard Demolition Services

We perform each project with emphasis on safety, budget and client satisfaction. We have completed demolition and wrecking projects throughout the US (NJ, PA, RI, DE, MA, etc.) as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

About R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services is the premier specialized contractor for dismantlement, decommissioning, plant relocations and demolition in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The Veteran owned company has been in business since 1935, has over 100 employees, an exemplary safety record (4 VPP OSHA safety awards) and is financially strong (bonding over $10 Million). Capabilities include total plant and facility dismantlement, decommissioning, demolition, onsite concrete crushing as well as heavy equipment rigging, entire plant relocations, machinery moving and millwright services.