Thursday, May 15, 2008

R. Baker and Son Completes Power Plant Dismantlement and Demolition Project in New York

R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services, a premier demolition, decommissioning and dismantlement contractor, completed a very technical dismantlement project at power station for a large international electric and gas company in New York.

The basic scope was to demolish, remove and dispose of two (2) – 100 foot tall ash silos including one elevated existing access bridge and other associated structures.

Prior to commencing demolition and dismantlement activities, numerous pre-dismantlement tasks had to be completed to ensure work would proceed safely and in accordance with OSHA regulations. R. Baker & Son All Industrial Services, Inc. (R. Baker & Son) confirmed all utilities to the structures to be demolished had been disconnected. An OSHA engineering survey was performed, the proper permits were obtained and notifications were sent out promptly. In addition, there were several gas lines that could not be relocated which necessitated the construction of scaffolding around the gas line with debris netting to protect from damage.

R. Baker & Son mobilized an expert dismantlement crew to the site to perform this skilled work. The dismantlement crew consisted of a project manager/health and safety coordinator, and approximately a five person dismantling crew. The crew utilized several pieces of equipment which included two (2) 100 foot man-lifts, one skid steer loader, one 10,000 lb telescopic lull, a 50 ton hydraulic crane and miscellaneous rigging and dismantlement gear.

The first task for R. Baker & Son was to remove all asbestos containing materials (ACM) from the elevated access bridge, associated piping and the ash silo roofs. Abatement crews in man-lifts were utilized to accomplish the proper abatement of the asbestos. All ACM was properly handled and disposed of offsite.

Following the asbestos abatement, the elevated access bridge and piping were carefully dismantled and rigged down by workers in man-lifts with the assistance from a 50 ton crane. R. Baker & Son followed strict hot work procedures which included obtaining a daily work permit as well as opening all piping and lines at a minimum of two (2) points, then tested gas free prior to any shear or torch work.

Once the area around the silos was cleared, workers utilizing man-lifts started from the top of the silo to break the brick walls of the silos into themselves. The task of dismantling the silos was made very difficult as the silos went up through the roof a building that was to be maintained and could not be damaged. The standard operating procedure for the dismantlement of each silo was for workers to carefully demolish the walls in such a manner as to allow the bricks to fall into the silo. Dismantlement crews used extreme caution so that bricks would not fall onto the roof below. A large opening in the base of the silo was utilized to remove the demolished brick. This process continued until the silos had been completely dismantled down to the inside of the building.

Once the silo had been dismantled down to inside the building the remaining portion was then carefully demolished along with all other associated piping, equipment and hoppers. The building was basically gutted from ceiling to wall.

The final task was the restoration of the building roof. Utilizing in-house crews, R. Baker & Son performed the restoration of the building roof.

The project was completed in 5 months without incident or injury. In addition, the client was extremely pleased with R. Baker & Sons ability to perform a complete turn-key project from dismantlement to restoration and maintain budget and schedule.

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